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Bash completion for symfony (autocomplete)

I have just pushed into GitHub a bash autocomplete script for symfony.

This script allows to autocomplete your first level option when calling to symfony script. It is easy to install (just copy one and call it manually if you do not have access rights). All steps and working issues are in the wiki. It also accepts custom actions.

This is a working example once script is corretly installed and invoked:

Assuming symfony is in current folder and [tab] y tab key press action, this is an example of how symfony_complete works:

$ ./symfony con[tab]figure:[tab][tab]
author database
$ ./symfony doctrine:a[tab]uthor

We are pleased to know what you think and any issue you have. You can find us on GitHub.

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2 comentarios

  1. vinyll

    Nice, I’ll give it a shot !
    There’s also a similar script available at http://particul.es/blog/index.php?post/Very-basic-completion-for-symfony-1.2-(zsh) that does autocomplete symfony cli. Bit it more specific to zsh (which I strongly advice by the way).

  2. tatai

    Hi vinyll,

    Nice and fast your script! Thanks to your sf-cache you get a symfony script actions and cache them. I think it is a good idea if you don’t change actions; i.e. if you have two different installs of symfony with different actions.

    I cannot download your scripts from your webs… broken links?

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